The place to Explore Benin and its Culture

The Art of Traditional Greeting in Benin

Greeting is Benin is a special unique art that one must understand to comprehend it significance. You can greet people as you normally would. However, the traditional greeting one will … Continue reading

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Languages Spoken In Benin

  Benin, a country with about 12 millions habitants, is home to 54 living languages. According to research made by the Ethnologue, “The number of individual languages listed for Benin … Continue reading

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Profile of Benin – Benin 101

The Republic of Benin , independent since 1960 ( former French colony of Dahomey since 1899 ), is located in the tropics between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer. … Continue reading

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Royal Cloths and Totems of Benin

  In Benin, many of the Kings that rules Dahomey are represented by Totem. These totems can be seen throughout the country especially in the areas where the Royal palaces … Continue reading

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Visit Benin – Best Travel Tips

Benin Practical Visit Advices There are many airlines from France, the United States or Belgium that are going to Benin. Depending where you’re coming from, the trip can last anywhere … Continue reading

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Béhanzin, The Last King of Dahomey, Benin

” Clever, vindictive, an excessive pride ” are  qualifiers used by the enemies of Africa to describe the king Behanzin. This reflect the strong character of this giant who was … Continue reading

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Beverage to try in Benin

Drinking is part of welcoming stage when anyone enters a home in Benin. Drinks are immediately served and you are expected (but not obligated) to take a sip as a … Continue reading

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