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Visit Benin – Best Travel Tips

Benin Practical Visit Advices

There are many airlines from France, the United States or Belgium that are going to Benin. Depending where you’re coming from, the trip can last anywhere from 8 hours (if coming from France) or up to 24 hours if coming from the United States.

A visa is required to enter the territory. Currency in circulation is the CFA franc.

The budget required is a little higher than in other African countries ,but still very reasonable : Approximately $20 for a double room (depending on where you stay) less than $12 for a very decent  continental meal . You can eat for almost ten times less if you buy local food in small shops that abound in the streets and markets .

Djimon Hounsou from Benin. He has starred in Amistad, Gladiator, In America, Biker Boyz, Constantine, Blood Diamond and Beauty Shop. He has been nominated of 2 Academy Awards.

Djimon Hounsou from Benin. He has starred in Amistad, Gladiator, In America, Biker Boyz, Constantine, Blood Diamond and Beauty Shop. He has been nominated of 2 Academy Awards.

Regarding health care , be sure to have your vaccinations up to date before your departure. Protect yourself against mosquitoes to prevent malaria , and be vaccinated against yellow fever and typhoid , as well as against hepatitis B. Avoid tap water and raw vegetables , and wash your hands before handling food .

Benin Flag

Benin Flag

To travel inside the country, use  mini- bus or bush taxis, motorbikes or Zem which are all very affordable prices. You can also rent the taxis and motorbikes.

Finally, remember that bargaining is here an essential mode of exchange and that any purchase should be discussed or you will be more than necessary. Best of all, there are many host families that will be happy to cater to your needs. Consider looking into one of them


Benin Climate


Fulani Woman - From the North of Benin

Fulani Woman – From the North of Benin

The best possible time to visit Benin is between December to March. The temperature are perfect and enjoyable. Benin is quite a festive country and there are many celebrations to enjoy especially during December.

The climate is distinctly tropical in the south, with a long dry season from November to March, and a smaller one in July-August. There is a short rainy season around September-October however, the most rainfall occurs between April and June.

In the north, the rainy season is from May to September; during the dry season temperatures reach 40 ° C and then there is a climate called “Harmattan” which very dry air and dusty. It’s actually a very unique climate that’s popular to the sub-saharan regions to Africa. In the early morning, the air is as thin and cool as if you in the mountains while the afternoon it remains dry and dusty.

Must see and do activities in Benin

Award Winning singer and songwriter Angelique Kidjo from Benin

Grammy Award Winning singer and songwriter Angelique Kidjo from Benin

Somewhat apart from some  West African countries , Benin is flourishing more than some of its neighbors and has many attractions.

Discover the first official capital , Porto- Novo , with its mosque , former church Brazilian style, ethnographic museum , not to mention Adjara market, lively and colorful , where you will find beautiful pottery.

Cotonou is the other capital, because of its dynamism and economic activity : bars and restaurants , a huge market Dantokpa and the lakeside town of Ganvie a little further north with its huts on stilts make it a destination very attractive .

Ouidah is another interesting site for a rich cultural point of view : there are several museums, temples, but also the Slave Route , commemorating the path followed by the slaves to win the ships that tore their land.  Ouidah is surrounded with statues and fetishes, but also beautiful beaches , steps are not to be missed .

Natitingou which is in the mountains of Atakora can be explored through its arts and popular culture traditions Sombas Museum and will also be the best opportunity to discover the National Park Pendjari and W and experience its beautiful natural biosphere reserve where animals live in their communities of origin. In these parks, you ‘ll meet cheetahs , lions , leopards, jackals , elephants , antelopes and hippos , among others.

Constant journey will inevitably manifested by the Beninese hospitality.

President Yayi Boni - Benin

President Yayi Boni – 2014 – Benin



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