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Wildlife Parks In Benin – Pendjari and W Park


You can’t go to Benin or in Africa without exploring Wildlife parks. Benin has 2 beautiful natural treasures and they are located in the Northern part of the country. They are the Pendjari and W wildlife parks. Both parks shows a variety of wild animals as well as landscapes to see. It’s recommended to visit both parks during dry season as the roads leading to them aren’t paved and can get muddy and dangerous any other seasons.

Pendjari Reserve

P3Pendjari means the large river. It is an immense and very quiet park open to visitors for a small fee of $20.  It is very well organized with well trained guides who are also safe drivers. Ideally, the park should be visited with a guide in order to fully enjoy the experience and for safety reasons. Visitors also have a choice of sleeping inside of the Park at a very nice ecolodge named The Pendjari Lodge. The ecolodge has 7 well-equipped tents and  a lovely sight overlooking the landscape.


During a visit, one can expect to see all sorts of wild animals such as baboons, lions, elephants, wild birds, hippopotamus, antelopes, warthogs, crocodiles and more. It’s the ultimate Safari experience with diverse sights to explore. The visit at the park can be scheduled for several days depending on your agenda. Hunting is allowed at the park however it is a very expensive hobby therefore, not many partake into the activity.

P2The Pendjari park is a gem to Benin that must not be overlooked and should be explored. It’s also a great way to go check out the unique traditional mud fortresses in Benin named the Tata Somba.


The W Park


African Elephant

Not too far the Pendjari, is located the W Park, a wildlife reserve containing an abundance of large mammals animals as well as it bird population. The uninhabited by humans Park is named W because of the distinctive bending shape of the Niger River. The park is home to certain endangered animals such as the West African Giraffe, the Painted Hunting Dog and wild African elephants.

Map of W Park

Map of the W Park


Painted Hunting Dog

The park possesses important hydrological resources and has been identified by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area. It also has a diversified landscape with an large aquatic and land ecosystems. There is a $20 admission fee and the amount is half reduced with each additional day.  There are certain areas that are protected in order to preserve it ecosystem that have remained untouched and are home to many endangered animals and plants.


West African Giraffe


As it with the Pendjari reserve, it’s recommended to visit the park with a well trained tour guide. The roads aren’t the best and requires a lot of patience to navigate. It’s a great not commercialized park with a lot to see.



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  4. Saroj kumar
    April 23, 2016

    This is saroj here.. I have come with my business partners here and we were planning to visit the pendjari so could you please send me the details of all the things that u can makes us there and also planning to stay there in the tents if you have an accommodation.. so please do reply me has soon as possible..thank you..

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