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Trekking the Hills and Mountains of Benin

Benin has a diversified landscape ranging from hills, mountains and various water bodies. When traveling from the South the North which can be done comfortably in 2-3 days by road or train, one can observe the beauty of the various landforms to explore. There are few areas that are unique and worth checking out. Below, from South to North, are the 4 most popular trekking locations in the area. In all the locations, you can climb the hills and mountains by foot or bike.

Les 41 collines de Dassa – The 41 hills of Dassa

41 Hills of Dassa - 41 Collines de Dassa

41 Hills of Dassa – 41 Collines de Dassa

This is a sacred location with multiple hills where there is also a cave where apparently the Virgin Mary made an appearance.  In in a small town called Dassa which is located about 200 miles from Cotonou. The cave name is “Grotte Notre Dame D’Arigbo” and every mid-may, millions of individuals from Benin and neighboring area do a pilgrimage in her honor. The area is also open for excursions, mountain climbing and bike riding. It’s suggested to bring food and beverage if planning a day trip to that area.  There is no fee to visit the Virgin Mary cave or to make any excursions.

Cave where the Virgin Mary appeared in Benin -

Cave where the Virgin Mary appeared in Benin -Grotte Notre Dame D’Arigbo

Les Mamelles de Savé – The Double Hill of Savé

Mamelles de Savé - Hills of Savé

Mamelles de Savé – Hills of Savé

These are 3 equal tall hills with a distinctive shape that looks like female breasts (The word mamelle means breast in french). It can not be missed as it’s very striking and can be seen from miles when driving towards the North and it’s only about 20 miles from where the 41 hills of Dassa is.  It’s ok to go trekking the area, however, for safety reason, it’s recommended to find a local guide to travel with.


Le Belvédère de Koussou Kouangou – The Belvedere of Koussou Kouangou

The Belvedere of Koussou Kouangou

The Belvedere of Koussou Kouangou

Located in the Northwest of Benin in the region of Atacora, is a magnificent steep hill with the most majestic sight. From this gazebo perched on a cliff, the panorama on the plain of Gourma and Togo, both near, is absolutely beautiful. The sunset is simply unforgettable. It’s worth trekking in order to check out the open sight awaiting at the top of the hill.

The Mountain chains of Atakora  or Atacora

Mountain chains of Atakora

Mountain chains of Atakora

These are chains of high mountains located in the province of Atacora, in the northwest of benin. These areas has the highest elevations in Benin. It’s a wonderful, enjoyable and beautiful climbing experience. At the highest point, you are always rewarded with a breathtaking open green sights where you can see some of the villages in the horizon.  There are 3 specifics mountains to climb: mount Sokbaro (the highest), mount Tanéka and mount Birni (the lowest).


Mountain Chains of Atakora


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