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We are Happy From Cotonou – The Organic Spirit of Benin

One characteristic of Beninese people is their ability to show how happy they are no matter the circumstances. When visiting Benin, you sense that immediately from the children and that spirit is dispersed throughout the whole population. Beninese people never shy away from entertaining  themselves and others by showing their love for dancing and singing. They are very jovial and live life to the fullest. People are very hospitable and ready to help as much as possible. You get a very strong sense of community and you always feel that help is always within a reach.

“Happy” is a song by award winning American singer, Pharrell Williams. I loved the song since I was first introduced to it by my boss who is also an award winning singer and songwriter, Valerie Simpson of the legendary Ashford & Simpson.  However, once I found out about the remake of his video, We Are Happy From Cotonou, I couldn’t be prouder. The video is very well made and a true reflection of who people are in Benin: happy folks. The director, Stephane Brabant from AfrikaFun, added some very unique touches such as, traditional dance moves and authentic sights from Benin. It also shows the multiculturalism and diversity of Benin. The best part is that he captured the true essence of Beninese people: we like to have fun.

I look at the video anytime I feel melancholic and miss home. It brings me closer to my people.In Benin, beat a drum and they will be ready to dance; sing a tune and hear people joining in and singing along with you, make an eye contact and share a warm smile with a complete stranger. Anyone looking at this video can be assured to look forward to witness such an experience.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. For more information on this video and the organization that put it together, visit their Facebook account.

we are happy from Cotonou


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