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Prince Arini Wanilo of Dahomey – First Registered African Black Lawyer in Paris.

Prince Arini Wanilo (1885-1928), son of king Gbèhanzin of Dahomey (1845-1906) and queen Lakoukou Mass, was the first African Black lawyer registered at the Paris Bar in 1915 Born on … Continue reading

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Amiwo, A Popular, Easy And Delicious Beninese Dish

When visiting Benin and savoring some of the local dish, it’s almost impossible to not come across a special dish called Amiwo. Amiwo is very popular and traditional dish turned … Continue reading

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Unseen Benin Through The Eyes of Visionary Mayeul Akpovi.

Mayeul Akpovi, a Beninese photographer and filmmaker, has done a remarkable work capturing and curating visual arts portraying Benin as it is today. Anyone exposed to his work will not … Continue reading

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Olowou Print, The Most Authentic Beninese Fashion Brand

  Fashion In Benin  What Does It Mean? Beninese people love to be fashionable. One can immediately witness the variety of fashion styles and vibrant prints when looking around. In … Continue reading

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Fulani, the unique tribe of Benin

Benin is a country with a rich diversity mainly due to the presence of multiple ethnicities that are living in the country. This diversity can better be witnessed by anyone … Continue reading

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The Culture and traditions of Beninese People

Angelique Kidjo – Award winning singer/songwriter from benin Culture and tradition are inseparable in the daily lives of people of Benin . This can be observed through the daily life … Continue reading

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The Traditional Dances of Benin

Benin, a country with a multitude of ethnic group, has various interesting and unique traditional dances. Each dances can be linked to the heritage from which that ethnic group comes … Continue reading

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Scarifications in Benin – Traditional Branding

The history of scarification is as old as humanity. In ancient times, the people of Dahomey (now Benin), were using different signs to mark their family origins. Men, women and … Continue reading

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The Art of Traditional Greeting in Benin

Greeting is Benin is a special unique art that one must understand to comprehend it significance. You can greet people as you normally would. However, the traditional greeting one will … Continue reading

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Languages Spoken In Benin

  Benin, a country with about 12 millions habitants, is home to 54 living languages. According to research made by the Ethnologue, “The number of individual languages listed for Benin … Continue reading

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